News Roundup: Museums, Politics and Power 01/28/14


From fashion to antiquities, the ethics of sponsorship and the Canadian Museum of Human Wrongs, it’s all in this week’s Museums and Politics news roundup.

New questions to old things. In Frankfurt the Museum of world cultures has a look at the connection of ethnology and trade in the production of knowledge.

Museum of Military History in Dresden. Its first special exhibition is dedicated to the Holocaust.

News from the Museums’ Island in Berlin (6.1.2014).

Looted art – a permanent topic not only for the German museums, A survey within museums.

Do Museums Love Fashion Too Much?  A look at the blossoming of fashion shows in museums all over the world.  Moneymaker or cultural exploration?

Should Archaeological Sites in Greece be Privatized?

The T-Rex Sue’s complicated history of legal battles and more told in a new film.  

An art gallery in Winnipeg, Canada, opposite the soon-to-open Canadian Museum of Human Rights, showcases Paul Zacharias’s work,  Study for the Canadian Museum of Human Wrongs.  

Should George Stubbs’ painting of a kangaroo be returned to Australia?

Museum scientists step up to share findings on environmental issues.  A Natural History Museum scientist testified before a government committee on the invasive threat of non-native plants in the UK.

From Kolkata, India,  observations on the present and future of science museums in India.

From the world of libraries, a look at rare book thieves.

Call for papers for The Social Impact of Museums 1-4 May 2014, Taipei, Taiwan.

Cairo’s Islamic Art Museum hit in blast

The politics –and ethics– of sponsorship

As the movie Monuments Men gets lots of buzz,  US continues other efforts to return stolen antiquities.

What’s the museum of the future?  One take from a US art museum director.

Controversy emerges from art and armory museum merger in Massachusetts.

Before and after pictures of Syria’s heritage, destroyed by the civil war.

In the city of Ulyanovsk (Russia), where the memorial museum V.I. Lenin is located,  a “Museum of the Soviet Era.” is under consideration.  Какая концепция была представлена, и на какой стадии проработки она находится? ссылка.

New book on museology by Tomislav C. Shola of Croatia,  “Eternity does not live here anymore.” Автор прекрасно разбирается в тонкостях музейного ремесла и с иронией описывает «грехи» современного музея – от проблем финансирования до фетишизма.

Image:  Fashion model with llamas by Toni Frissell,  Library of Congress.



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