Weekly News Roundup: February 19, 2014


A German/ English website about the Gurlitt case (looted art), made by his lawyers, with information, documentation and a claim form.

The European capital of culture Riga confronts her visitors in several museums with the history of Latvia. This includes exhibitions on the national-socialist terror during WWII and the Soviet occupation.

The museum as a film star: The Berlinale presents the documentary film “The Big Museum”, a trip through the art-historical museum of Vienna.

The State museums in Berlin get a present: Egidio Marzona hands over his collection to the German capital. Great luck for Berlin in the history of the relations of public museums and private collectors.

Once again NS-looted art: The manager of the Museum of world cultures in Frankfurt about dealing with the past of the museum.

A Nevada art museum cancels a special event over a fois gras controversy.

A local artist smashes a vase by Ai Weiwei at the Perez Art Museum in Miami, protesting the lack of local artists presented there.

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