Weekly News Roundup: March 3, 2014

Debris lie on the grounds of the damaged Museum of Science in the old city of Aleppo“The protection of heritage is inseparable from the protection of civilians in armed conflict,” from a February UNESCO conference on New Wars of the 21st Century.

A never ending story of museum & politics (and money) The Museum of Romantic in Frankfurt.

How shall Belgium’s colonial past be portrayed in the Museum of Central Africa in Brussels?

Looking for laws on traditional knowledge and culture?  Check out this database from the World Intellectual Property Organization. Continue reading

Museums & Politics in Northern Ireland

4788743-Exhibition_Ulster_Museum_Belfast_NI_BelfastBy Rachel Sayers, Museum Administrator, REACH Project, Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Schomberg House, Belfast.

How do museums in Northern Ireland represent the Troubles? What kinds of agendas appear when politicians deal with museums?  Who gets to tell the stories?   Northern Ireland has and somewhat continues to have a turbulent history. We have a precarious and delicate political system. There is still a lot of deep-seated hatred amongst certain areas of the population. This stems from ‘The Troubles’ of the 1970’s-Mid 1990’s. In certain areas, people still teach their children to hate ‘the other side.’ One could argue that ignorance breeds further ignorance. This can be from lack of education and understanding or once again deep seated scars from our violent past. I’ll try here to summarize the current situation, including some of my own personal opinions, along with information from research and museum visits. Continue reading


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