Weekly News Roundup: April 28, 2014

slave_houseHistory has to be a plural construction.”  Listen to the audio of Senegal’s Doudou Diène of the UNESCO Secretariat keynote address to the American Association for State and Local History.

Are our museums broken?  Will nap rooms, photo policies and cafes change that?

In the State Memorial Museum of Defense and Blockade of Leningrad on April 28-29 will take place the international conference “Connection of times: war and its reflection at the contemporary Museum.” This humanitarian disaster is one of the most tragic pages of history, which, however, is still not fully and very one-sided presented in museums. As a result, in the public eye the blockade is often presented as a set of myths.

Museum, innovation and commerce: Samsung will open its own museum in South Korea.

Disaster tourism at Chernobyl.

Crimea has been an incredibly attractive place for archaelogical plunderers, resulting in the loss of priceless objects of cultural heritage. Can it be stopped?

In Cologne, a civil alliance of numerous personalities, associations and institutions has formed to fight for more approval and support of a new museum complex presenting the rich Jewish History of Cologne. Opponents argue for an integration of this history in existing museums and warn of a new debt for the city.

Concerns about the safety of historical archives in Crimea expressed to international archives organization.

Bay of Pigs Museum seeks home in Miami.

Current events in Ukraine jeopardize loans to American museum.

Rethinking heroes. The Historical-cultural Museum Complex in Razliv held the VIII Annual International
conference “V.I. Lenin in the modern world.”
гуманитарной науки.

The Russian article “Entrance ticket as a tool of marketing museums”  shares ways that the entrance ticket’s language and design can be used as marketing.

Museum chiefs in Scotland accused of exploiting staff by not paying living wages.

Words matter.  Controversy over proposed video in 9/11 museum.

Image:  House of Slaves, Goree Island, Senegal


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