Weekly News Roundup: May 5, 2014

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Who’s left out of the story?  Social media results in the inclusion of a female scientist in an exhibition at the Smithsonian.

An Austrian museum refuses to return a headdress to Mexico, but offers free admission to Mexican citizens.

Quantity instead of quality? The Kunsthaus Graz, Austria, has been confronted with local elected officials’ desire to organize only blockbuster exhibitions and events with popular topics that draw many visitors, despite their reasonable programming in the last decade.  Background, here and open letters here.

Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett and museum director Dariusz Stola explain the concept of the new Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.

400 million Euros for using the name “Louvre” for a period of 30 years and additional information on the Louvre branch in Abu Dhabi.

“But we aren’t conducting art historical research differently. We aren’t working collaboratively and experimentally.” James Cuno, President of the J. Paul Getty Trust, says art historians must embrace the use of technology for research.

The Museum Europäischer Kulturen dedicates a showcase as a reference to current issues and their relevance to the museum and its collection. The first showcase is dedicated to the Crimean Tatars due to the current crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

As the World Cup approaches, museum workers strike in Brazil, with the same unaddressed concerns as a decade ago.  The action could shut more than 30 museums down during the World Cup.

Curator of Manifesta 10 defends the holding of biennale to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia this fall.

Ai Wei-wei’s name and works removed from show about the history of Chinese contemporary art in Shanghai.

Toronto auction house pulls Native American child’s bloodstained tunic from auction.

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