Instruments of Development of a Regional Museum Community

Photo by Dmitri Lebedev, 19.02.2006

Photo by Dmitri Lebedev, 19.02.2006

How to broaden audiences? How to connect museum professionals? How to improve museum work and finally – how to monitor and measure success?
At the Museum and Politics conference, Irina A. Sizova and Oksana S. Ulyanova of the National Research Tomsk State University in Russia will share with us their experiences in developing a museum community in the Tomsk region, southeast of the West Siberian Plain. For the blog they provided us the abstract of their paper. In which regions of the world do you see similar efforts to create such a community? What works well, what doesn’t?

The development of the Russian regional museum community demands attention of museum experts. However universal instruments of this purpose don’t exist. Therefore in various regions of Russia there are local instruments for development of the museum community, which are applied taking into account policy and economic factors.

This paper consists of three sections a) the list of instruments of development of local museum community on the example of the Tomsk region was defined (week of the museums, a museum forum, museum association, Internet space); b) developed a technique of use of each instrument, process of preparation and carrying out studied actions are described; c) the analysis of efficiency of studied instruments in the course of association of regional museum community is provided.

Studied instruments are in detail described a) monitoring of existing subjects of museum activity of the Tomsk region was carried out; b) professional communication between the museums of various profile and departmental accessory, and also between authorities and mass media (television, newspapers etc) was built; c) positioning of the museums of the Tomsk region as one of key elements of formation and advance of positive image of edge; d) introduction in museum practice of innovative forms and work methods.

Irina A. Sizova / National Research Tomsk State University, Candidate of historical sciences, Assistant Professor
Oksana S. Ulyanova / National Research Tomsk State University, Candidate of historical sciences, Assistant Professor

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