Weekly News Roundup: July 9, 2014


An art exhibition with work depicting Roma musicians has triggered a flood of racist threats in Bucharest including a death threat to the director.

Internships:  learning or exploitation?  Labor laws differ from country to country and here’s one view from the UK.

The Art Museum in Bern closely examines with lawyers the legal consequences of accepting Gurlitt legacy before a decision is made.

Despite legal challenges, sale of Hopi religious artifacts continues in France. 

And, a British museum plans to sell an Egyptian statue, despite protests.

And, an 18th century powder horn stolen decades ago returns to a Massachusetts museum.

The Russian government removes funding from the Gulag Museum in Perm; fires director. 

Board members at not-for-profits often miss red flags for fraud, mismanagement or other signs of crisis.  Be sure you don’t.

The German Historical Museum and its director, Alexander Koch, have been criticized a great deal since Koch took over from Hans Ottomeyer. What does the future look like at one of Germany’s most prominent historical museums?

Image:  George Mihal Vasilescu in the Museum in Bucharest, standing in front of two of his works. Photo: Lucian Muntean via Artists for Roma


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