Weekly News Roundup: July 14, 2014

The-Northampton-SekhemkaFury as Egyptian statue Sekhemka sells for nearly £16 million. See also the statements of ICOM CIPEG and British Museums Association.

Should a photographer’s unseen, unedited work be shown posthumously?  The Metropolitan Museum of Art says yes to Garry Winograd’s images.

French museum collections in disarray.

Bollywood star Dilip Kuma’s home to become a museum in Pakistan as symbol of his importance to the subcontinent.

New book:  Museums and Migration:  History, Memory and Politics edited by Laurence Gourievidis.

David Cameron gives backing to £15million Thatcher museum. And in the same vein, do US presidential museums whitewash history?

Big presidential palaces, poor population. No more in El Salvador. Now the palace becomes museum.

“The Wende Museum” in Los Angeles displays history of GDR.

Antiquities at risk in Mosul Museum as conflicts continue in Iraq.

Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia may be forced to sell exhibits by bond debt holders to meet obligations.

Image:  Via the Mirror, UK.


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