Weekly News Roundup: August 19, 2014

1408017573210762Is there a drone in your museum’s future?  Tate Gallery: Robots as guides through the museum. 

Kyiv’s New Year’s tree, a symbol of the Maidan protests, is taken down and will become a part of museum collection.

Is art and culture (and museums) too middle class? 

Germany’s fascination with the American West remains strong despite controversies.

What story does the Museum of the Cultural Revolution in China tell?  Many come to silently mourn victims.

Looting in Guatemala of Mayan sites.

Selfies at Britain’s National Gallery?  The end of civilization or smart move?

So far there is no museum dedicated to the author George Orwell. The Indian city Motihari wants to change that and build it in Orwell’s birthplace – even if hardly anyone there knows his books.

How much history is worth? The construction of the Museum of Bavarian History in Regensburg will cost 67.3 million euros. 

Turtles carrying iPads raise activists’ ire at new art museum.

Image:  Drone at the Tate Gallery


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