Weekly News Roundup: March 17, 2014

16tower1-videoSixteenByNine1050Not surprisingly,  this week’s news roundup includes a great deal of material from sources around the world, including Ukraine and Russia, about the impact of the current international crisis and the responses and reactions of  museums and other cultural colleagues.

Weekly News Roundup: March 10, 2014


Should Rio have a Museum of Tomorrow or is a focus on the future neglecting its history, including a complex story of the slave trade? Archaeological discoveries of global importance are happening as construction quickens for the World Cup.

Was Christoph Schlingensief a political artist? A branch of the Museum of Modern Art in New York presents an exhibition of his works.

Archaeologists from around the world report wide-spread destruction of dozens of ancient sites in Syria. Continue reading

Weekly News Roundup: March 3, 2014

Debris lie on the grounds of the damaged Museum of Science in the old city of Aleppo“The protection of heritage is inseparable from the protection of civilians in armed conflict,” from a February UNESCO conference on New Wars of the 21st Century.

A never ending story of museum & politics (and money) The Museum of Romantic in Frankfurt.

How shall Belgium’s colonial past be portrayed in the Museum of Central Africa in Brussels?

Looking for laws on traditional knowledge and culture?  Check out this database from the World Intellectual Property Organization. Continue reading

Weekly News Roundup: February 24, 2014

12710788514_925515fcc7_b-640A protest action drawing attention to deplorable conditions of those workers building the new Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi took place in the New York City Guggenheim Museum on Saturday.  (Above photo by  G.U.L.F. aka Gulf Ultra Luxury Faction via Hyperallergic)

Museum as a horror show: Günther Hagen’s “World of bodys” will come permanently to Berlin. The question remains: Is it a museum?

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum has asked an artist to remove a sculpture it deems politically charged due to its criticism of visits to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other government leaders.

Museum marathon in Berlin! On 26th of April will begin the first so-called “sponsored walk” for a beneficent purpose in the German capital. The idea was first conceived and brought to fruition by David Mentiply in England last December, when a group of over 20 people walked around London visiting 26 museums to raise over £1,000 for charity. Continue reading

Weekly News Roundup: February 19, 2014


A German/ English website about the Gurlitt case (looted art), made by his lawyers, with information, documentation and a claim form.

The European capital of culture Riga confronts her visitors in several museums with the history of Latvia. This includes exhibitions on the national-socialist terror during WWII and the Soviet occupation.

The museum as a film star: The Berlinale presents the documentary film “The Big Museum”, a trip through the art-historical museum of Vienna.

Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: Museums, Politics and Power 2/3/14

3g04656rWhat do slow food and restorative justice have to do with museums?  The Jane Addams Hull House Museum contemplates a slow museum experience.

Explore radical politics in new exhibit at the Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University

The International Historic Sites of Conscience organization begins new dialogues on immigration at US museums.

Museum on the Frontline, a look at the National Museum of Art in Kyiv, Ukraine, as protests rage outside their doors.

Continue reading

News Roundup: Museums, Politics and Power 01/28/14


From fashion to antiquities, the ethics of sponsorship and the Canadian Museum of Human Wrongs, it’s all in this week’s Museums and Politics news roundup.

New questions to old things. In Frankfurt the Museum of world cultures has a look at the connection of ethnology and trade in the production of knowledge.

Museum of Military History in Dresden. Its first special exhibition is dedicated to the Holocaust. Continue reading

News Roundup: Museums, Politics and Power

P1120715This week begins a new feature, a weekly roundup of museums, politics and power news from around the world.  We take the ideas of politics and power broadly, so we’ll be sharing topics ranging from, as you’ll see this week,  mental health,  curatorial diversity,  creationism and degenerate art.  We’ll be posting links in English, German and Russian as we find them (and of course, if you come across others, in any language, please let us know!)

Rethinking Normal:  An Exploratorium Exhibit Takes on Mental Health  A hands-on science museum takes on a difficult topic.

Divine Wisdom: on the Hagia Sofia Museum/Mosque/Church Controversy  What should Hagia Sofia be?  Who should decide? Continue reading


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