Weekly News Roundup: March 26, 2014

men-of-the-docks-1912-oil-on-canvas-lynchburg-virginia-randolph-college-maier-museum-of-artIs the British National Gallery’s acquisition of a George Bellows painting sold by Randolph College ethical?

Should nations sell cultural heritage to balance the budget?  Portugal plans to sell Miros.  Should museums be able to do the same?  The Delaware Art Museum plans to sell works to stabilize financially, it says.

New Brooklyn Museum show takes compelling look at the Civil Rights Movement.  “The show gets the balance of history right in other ways, too, by letting it be confused and confusing, a thing of loose strands and hard questions”  from the NY Times review.

The Museum as warehouse of memory: Berlin Museum is a confidential tip to insiders. 

Unbeloved history? Discussions about the Jewish museum in Cologne are ongoing. 

The home of Martha Mahlungus, an activist–and mother– will become a museum in South Africa.

The NSA in the museum: About total control. An exhibition in the Museum for communication in Berlin.

With the term “curator” used for everything these days, what does a curator actually do?  Here’s one take.

Debates over a slavery museum for the state of Virginia.

Experts continue to assess the artworks found at former Ukraine president’s estate.

Syria says Turkey turns a blind eye to antiquities looting; Turkish officials deny.

Sydney Biennale controversies continue.

Thought-provoking catalog from the Tartu Art Museum in Estonia,   “Is This The Museum We Wanted?”

Ron Arthey, from art world pariah to celebrated performance artist.  Have the “culture wars”  ended?

The Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences has provided open access to dozens of monographs and articles.

US National Women’s Museum swamped in controversy long before opening.  Politics or mismanagement? 

NEW EDITION. The second edition of “Innovations in Museum World: Collection of Scientific Articles. Annual” came out. Novosibirsk: Publishing Center of Novosibirsk State University, 2013. The second edition “Museum as a Communication Protocol” is devoted to communication processes in modern museum, analysis of the museum audience, museum demand, and the problems of heritage interpretation.  For more information on the edition, please contact [email protected]

Russian professional journal “Museum” has updated its page on Facebook. Российский профессиональный журнал “Музей” обновил свою страницу на Facebook. Здесь можно найти не только ссылки на опубликованные в журнале статьи ведущих музеологов и практиков музейного дела, но и обсуждения, новости музейного мира.

Remains of the strong protest of the citizens against the extensive reconstruction of the Stuttgart main railway station will be exhibited at the Museum of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railway), despite displaying harsh verbal attacks on their CEO.

Image:  George Bellows, Men at the Docks.


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