Weekly News Roundup: April 7, 2014


Arts for the Aged: The audience of cultural institutions is getting older. The young, however, are not among the recipients of culture, but are the organizers and producers. What impact will this have in the long run?

The State of Mississippi, who long used the power of the state to enforce segregation, will now open a civil rights museum.

In March, local museum professionals and academics gathered at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Museum to attend the Jamaican launch of the new publication Plantation to Nation: Caribbean Museums and National Identity

How should we view the museum?  Perhaps as a kaleidoscope, says the Incluseum bloggers.

Is “just” being a cultural professional enough in today’s world? 

Ukraine decides to open KGB archives from the Soviet Era.

It’s more than complicated.  Young Chinese storm the the largest ever retrospective of Ai WeiWei in Berlin to admire his art and learn about their own history.

The Delaware Art Museum’s decision to sell art to meet operating expenses draws attention and censure from professional museum organizations.

Italy Launches a Stolen Art App.

A museum truck?  Following on food trucks, Philadelphia local history takes to the streets.

How will it go on with the negotiations between the museums in Aachen and Crimea concerning the return of art looted by the Soviets? 

Military Historical Museum in Dresden will open an exhibition on WWI in August. Already they have received a very big object. 

What do to with the exhibits from Crimean museums now on display in Amsterdam? Will the Netherlands give them back to Ukraine or Russia?  More here.

New exhibition in the Deutsche Bahn Museum in Nürnberg: Finally the history after the German reunification is a part of the presentation. 

Russian legislator proposes bill forbidding any negative proposals of Russian history.


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