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We’ve had questions from several presenters about the details of the conference, so we asked conference organizer Afanasy Gnedovsky of ICOM-Russia to help us develop this FAQ.  If you have more questions, please ask in the comments below and we’ll find out the answers as we can.  Of course, don’t forget to check out the conference website as more information is added on a regular basis.   Thanks Afanasy!

How long should my presentation be?

  • All speakers in the section parts of the conference will each have 25 minutes. You could choose whatever format works best for you– 15 min + 10 min for discussion or 20 min + 5 min for discussion.  But people will have questions so please leave some time for discussion.

If I want to use Powerpoint, Prezi or other media in my presentation, can I?  How and where should it be submitted in advance?  How far in advance?  Can you use materials in Mac formats?

  • Yes of course, you can use ppt. We ask all speakers to send their presentation in advance; the deadline is 25th of August. Please send your material (I use this word, because that could be not only ppt, but also a film or audio file, or pdf or something else). You could send us in any mac format, we will change it into ppt. You could send your presentation to: [email protected] and [email protected].   If your presentation is to large to email, please use a file sharing system such as Dropbox.

Does “full text”  by October 1 mean a version for publication?  What permissions do I need to grant and to whom?    Is there a word limit to these papers?  If it’s for publication, what standards are you using for footnotes and citations?  For the full text version, what languages can it be in? 

  • We ask you to send us full text of your paper before 1st of October – that means the text for the publication. We’ll ask formal permission for publishing your paper. The program committee for the conference will be reformed into a publishing committee. There is a word limit for that “full text” – 5000 words. We will use the same standards as ICOFOM. We ask everybody to send his or her full texts in English.

Can I experiment with a session that is not solely reading a paper but includes more interaction with participants?

  • Yes. Anyway, we always welcome discussions (and we hope there will be some), especially during the plenary sessions.

Will I be able to review my presentation once I arrive in St. Petersburg to make sure it’s working correctly before my session?

  • We will check all presentations upon receipt. You will be able to check it before your session. But you should remember that we will have 4 parallel sessions, so your presentation will be on the other computer than that will be used for the Plenary session, but you will have some time before the beginning of your session and during breaks.

If I want to provide handouts for my session, how can I make those available?  Do the handouts need to be in three languages?  Will I be able to make copies onsite or will handouts be available online?

  • It is better to send us your handout before the conference so that we could print them out. It is better to make them in English. Second variant is to make copies onsite. It is possible to put them on the conference Web, but there is no guarantee that everybody will see them.

And visas.  How far in advance do I need to apply for a visa?  For Americans and Germans, do we have to physically visit the consulate for a visa? 

  • Visa issuing process depends on country. Actually, it takes one week, but, please, do not leave this for the last moment. If you are applying yourself – yes, but if you use company for that – no, but almost in all countries, there are visa centers (including USA and Germany), where you bring your documents, leave them, and in some time you go there again and receive your passport with visa. But keep in mind that Russia has facilitated visa regimes with EU and US.
5 comments on “FAQs for Presenters and Attendees
  1. Do speakers get invitation letters by ICOM Russia or a cooperating Russian museum, f. e. the Eremitage? (The inviting organisation needs a tax number.) In this way visas for officially invited German participants would be free of charge.

  2. Yes, ICOM Russia is happy to provide such a letter. Just email them directly with your request at [email protected]. They will need your travel dates, and the cities you are coming from to Russia and leaving Russia.

    Thanks for asking!

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