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Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 8.55.28 AMAs the conference in St. Petersburg draws closer, and issues of museums, power and politics continue to grow in importance (just check out any of our weekly news roundups for confirmation of that),  we wanted to take a minute to share the ways in which you, dear reader, can contribute to the conversation, whether you’ll be heading to Russia or not.

We’ve just created an open LinkedIn Group, Museum, Politics and Power. Got a question, want to start a conversation, or looking for like-minded colleagues?  Find us there and share your point of view.  And of course, don’t forget our Facebook page.   If you’re on Twitter,  we have a hashtag, #museumspolitics and you could follow either Katrin Hieke (@MuseumThings) or Linda Norris (@lindabnorris) for regular updates.

But what about here on the blog, you might ask?   Voices from all over the world help make this a compelling read–so consider contributing yours.  If you’re presenting at the conference, you could use this space to work out ideas, ask for information, and get feedback.  But if you just have an interest and want to speak out on a Museum, Politics, and Power topic, we welcome any and all civil discourse.  More about writing a post here.

The generous sharing of information and ideas should–and usually does–characterize the museum field worldwide.  So spread away!

Photo by Drew Harty


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