Who can contribute with a blog post?
We invite authors from all over the world to contribute to our conversation with a blog post. As we are seeking global perspectives, discussions are not limited to the countries of the organizing committees of the conference, although posts from there are particularly encouraged.

What can I contribute?
Contributions should be related in any way to the conference topics Museums, Politics and Power and can take any form: reports, ideas, papers, art work or just your current thinking. They can range from examples of museum practice to theoretical discussions. The posts do not have to address issues about Germany, Russia or the United States, but are, again, particularly encouraged.

How do I contribute?
Please get in touch with one of the project team members for any questions you might have and for submitting a text. Please also include a sentence or two about yourself for our readers. We will then upload the post as soon as we can. All contributors should be prepared to respond promptly to any comments about their blog post.

Do I have to publish under my name?
We understand that in certain cases you might not wish to publish using your real name. If you wish to publish anonymously, please note this when submitting a post. However, it is not possible to submit anonymously.

Which languages are allowed?
English, Russian and German are the official languages of the conference and the blog, so you might write in any of these. If you’re more comfortable writing in another language, please do and we’ll do our best to figure out a way to translate. If you’re not a native speaker in any of the three languages and would like our feedback on your translation before posting, of course, we’re happy to do so.

Will posts affect the acceptance of my paper?
No. Decisions about papers are made by the conference committee, not by us.

Can the abstract of my paper be a blog post?
Yes it can, and you are invited to test your ideas for a presentation and use the blog for discussing them.

Where do I register for the conference?
All information about the conference, including registration, can be found at the conference website.

Why is your project named “Museums, Politics and Power” and the conference  “Museum and Politics”?
We noticed that the English conference title has been translated into Russian using the word for “power” and we found this combination so interesting in itself that we decided to extend the name of our project.  

How can I read this in my native language?  We’ve learned alot in a short period of time about translation widgets and the many challenges of providing multi-lingual access to a blog and website. It appears that no solution is perfect, but the best we found is the translate widget that appears at the top of the side bar of each page. It should translate any post or page into many languages. If you want to help out by contributing better translations, please let us know.

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