The Project / Das Projekt / О проекте

With the social media project Museum, Politics and Power: An International Conversation we are breaking new ground by accompanying an international ICOM conference with a social media conversation across multiple channels. We’ve taken the tri-national conference as our starting place, but our interests in the topic are global.  No matter where you live or work, we hope you’ll join the conversation.  Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  • Encouraging and leading a discussion to explore what kind of topics connect or separates nations around the world in the arena of museums and politics. Can we really develop transnational and intercultural issues for discussion?

  • Providing information about the conference

  • Sharing background information on the topics closely related to the conference theme “Museums & Politics”/“Museums & Power“

  • Blogging, tweeting and sharing information live from the conference next fall for all colleagues who cannot come to St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • Providing a platform for exchanges among colleagues beyond and after the conference.

In blog posts, we – and our guest bloggers- will deal with topics relevant to all of us as well as themes that may be important to a special group of participants or a particular nation.  We want to create worldwide connections between different individuals and groups based on their interests. The issues might include very concrete problems out of colleagues’ daily museum lives, management issues and more general questions of transnational and intercultural aspects of our museum world, past present and future.

We’re looking for colleagues–from anywhere in the world– who want to write blog posts about any topic connected to Museums and Politics, Museums and Power as it pertains to your own work.  You may write anonymously.  We’ll publish in English, German or Russian but if you’re more comfortable writing in another language, we’ll do our best to figure out translation.  If you’re not a native speaker and would like us to do a bit of editing or proofreading before posting, we’re happy to do so.  Our goal is a lively conversation that all of us can join in.  For more information on submitting a post, click here.

For more information about the project and our ideas read our BestBlog Blogstoeckchen post.


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