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For an overview of all blog posts covering the Museum & Politics conference, 9-12 September in Saint Petersburg, and 13-14 September 2014 in Yekaterinburg, we compiled this list for you:

8 September: Press Conference, Welcome Session, and more
Getting ready for the conference

9 September: Opening Ceremony, Keynotes, and Manifesta
“Only dialogue moves us forward”
Impressionen von der Manifesta
Alt trifft neu. Impressionen von der Manifesta II

10 September: Plenary Session
We Share the Same Problems
Die Diskussion geht weiter!

11 September: Four conference sections, and a visit to the State Hermitage depository
Politics, Power, and the Public
Stoff zum Träumen: Das neue Depot der Eremitage
Museums and “Hard History”
Музеи и развитие общества
Artilleriebeschuss auf der Festung

12 September: A visit to Tsarskoe Selo, and closing of the Saint Petersburg conference part
Tsarskoye Selo
Where do we go from here? The participants share their reflections
Europa Nostra
Das neue Weltkriegsmuseum in Carskoe Zelo

13 September: Plenary and Sections in Yekaterinburg
Industrial History in the Urals
On the Role of Museums
Museums – Objects and Subjects of Territorial Development

14 September: Trips to museums of the region
Im Ural!
Did you go on the trip to Irbil and could share some impressions with us? Please get in touch with Katrin or Linda!

See also
our Storify page with a selection of tweets from the conference as well as before and after,
the press review.
and the Youtube channel of ICOM Russia with footage and recordings of the keynote speeches.

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